Hush Hills Fainters

2019 breeding season is complete !!


All animals are registered with MGR

All animals were tested for


with negative results in 2018 will be retesting in April, 2019

Thanks to a great friend, Lisa Ohling and Ahart Acres, the sweet and entertaining goats of Hush Hill’s Fainters are tucked away in the sweet little town of White Salmon, Washington.

Well what started out as an inside joke has now become a new found love. Thanks to a few good friends, I am now the proud owner of a beautiful Myotonic (TN Fainting Goats) herd. 2010 was just the just beginning …our first babies arrived January of 2011 and now I am so excited to see what will come each season.

Myotonics are a wonderful breed of goat with their sweet little baaaaa and of course the laugh your pants off falling over. My goal for breeding is to help preserve and promote happy, healthy family and show quality goats. The past few years I have been bringing in new bloodlines...